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Universal Living Wage

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Universal Living Wage: Good for Business

Richard Troxell with ‘House the Homeless’ says businesses wind up harming themselves when they are stingy with their workers pay, they wind up hurting their business, “What we’re suggesting is embrace the living wage, they will empower these minimum wage workers to be...

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Speaking Out on the Economic Recovery

House the Homeless president, Richard R. Troxell, lays out a jobs plan to put millions of Americans back to work; jumpstart the construction industry building housing for the newly-employed; stimulate the economy through a surge in consumer spending; delay, reduce,...

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Housing Now Legislative Campaign

"Housing is a basic human right. Homelessness is not inevitable. We can do better.  Designed to reenergize local, state, and national advocacy, Housing NOW! 2020 provides a platform for advocates to come together to demand a significant increase in federal funding...

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