Our Mission

Founded in 1989, HtH is the oldest all volunteer, action, homeless organization in the state of Texas. The mission is Education and Advocacy around the issues of ending and preventing homelessness.

Urgent Issues

Re-Criminalizing Homelessness — Speak up now!

The Austin city council recently voted to put on its May ballot a vote to reinstate the no camping ban including the no sit/no lie ordinances. Now is the time to contact your mayor and council members particularly those who have supported decriminalizing homelessness, such as Mayor Adler, Kathy Tovo, Ann Kitchen, Greg Casar, Sabino Renteria, and others, we pray.

First call to action is cold weather shelter. Anyone that reads this, our urgent plea is to email our mayor and city council in this urgent time of cold weather. House the Homeless is encouraging to use the Convention Center or other alternatives sites that are already over burdened due to Covid-19 or at capacity.

A second call to action is to not displace unsheltered neighbors from bridges and the four major camp areas without having an immediate plan for alternative shelter/housing.

Finally, advise your mayor and council members that the wording for the May ballot regarding reinstating a camping ban must consider that those with disabilities, the aged, and in fact anyone with no place to go. The no sit/no lie ordinance is absolutely inhumane and unconscionable we must have at least 15 minute respites particularly for those with disabilities and make other provisions.

Federal Minimum Wage Debate

Federal resolve is insufficient; highly recommend Universal Living Wage formula indexed on the cost of housing wherever the person lives and works. 

The Journey to Create the Homecoming

Richard R. Troxell, president and CEO of House the Homeless, Inc. has taken a step to put a “face” on homelessness when he conceived of and first sculpted his miniature statues (see description and photos below) of a Veteran and his daughter having a chance encounter of sharing and giving with an elderly African American woman.

Timothy P. Schmalz, internationally acclaimed sculptor and his business partner, Tony Frey, have asked to sculpt Richard’s concept, “The Home Coming” statue. Mr. Schmalz has been called the, “Michelangelo of our day,” and has created religious and secular bronze statues all over the world.

Mr. Schmalz and Richard have spent 3 months in discussions sharing concept sketches regarding the proposed project. In December 2013, they reached an agreement and have since signed a contract for Mr. Schmalz to sculpt the three piece statue. It honors the men, women, and children who have lived and died on the streets of Austin.

Mr. Schmalz is very excited about the opportunity to bring this project to Austin, Texas.

Finally, after thoroughly researching numerous foundries, we are most pleased to report reducing costs by a couple hundred thousand dollars with the cost now less than it takes to assist three people in receiving substance abuse detox and treatment in preparing them for housing.

Mr. Schmalz completed the 2 foot model from which miniatures and the full size statue will be rendered, and House the Homeless continues the statue “gifting process” to the City of Austin.

Click Below to see Timothy working and speaking about the project.

timothy_schmalz_and_pope_francis.jpg.size.medium2.promoYouTube video of Timothy speaking: http://youtu.be/brSwRWXy3pU

YouTube footage of Timothy sculpting The Home Coming: http://youtu.be/cG4Pq97FLUo

The Homecoming Project

The Homecoming is a project of House the Homeless, Inc. (HTH), an all volunteer educational and advocacy group
founded in Austin, TX in 1989. Our mission is education and advocacy surrounding all issues of homelessness.

We consider all homeless and formerly homeless individuals to be members.
At least 60% of HTH Board of Directors is comprised of homeless/formerly homeless people.
HTH has a solid history of stewarding donations and
maintaining overhead at approximately 5%.

Since 1993, HTH has held a Sunrise Memorial Serving on Auditorium Shores to remember an increasing number of men, women and children who have died while trying to survive homelessness. At each Memorial, HTH launches its community-supported Thermal Underwear drive and party to provide warm clothes to help protect against exposure and hypothermia. Our ultimate goal is to reduce these untimely deaths by providing opportunities to get off the streets by promoting collaborative job training, living wages, case management, transitional housing, and affordable housing. HTH also has a voice on national coalitions and our Universal Living Wage campaign is endorsed by hundreds of businesses, unions, faith-based and nonprofit organizations nationwide.


Our goal is to reach $100,000 from donations and grants for The Homecoming*

The Homeless Memorial Service Launches our annual Thermal Underwear Drive


Please help us keep our brothers and sisters warm and safe this winter by donating to our Thermal Underwear Drive.

Your donation of $35 will provide HUGSS+

(hat, thermal underwear top and bottom, gloves, socks, scarf, rain poncho, and a safety whistle).


These HUGSS will be given out New Years Day at the First Baptist Church 901 Trinity Austin, TX.

The 23rd annual House the Homeless Sunrise Memorial Service

When:  Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 6:57am  (1 hour)

Where:  Vic Mathias Shores (formerly Auditorium Shores)

The Keynote Speaker will be Mayor Steve Adler. DeannRené will lift us up with her songs.  Jeff Stoops, Gulf Veteran, will honor our Vets and Rev., Dr. Nathan J. Robertson, Jr. will pray for our lost brothers and sisters.

This year we will read the names of 171 citizens of Austin who died in poverty from October 2014-October 2015.
For 23 years, we have gathered on Auditorium Shores (just re-named Vic Mathias Shores) when we say goodbye to the women, men, and children who have lived and died on our streets in poverty the previous year.  This one hour service begins at Sunrise which should be at 6:56 am.   The service always ends on time with a fellowship gathering afterwards when we share coffee, cocoa and a bite to eat.

The Homeless Memorial is located at South First Street and Riverside Drive. The Memorial is on the south side of Lady Bird Lake on the Roy Butler trail. It is about 75 yards west of the Fanny Davis Gazebo and about 75 yards east of the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue. There should be plenty of parking at the parking area which you can access from 900 Riverside Drive. Once you park, simply walk to the river and turn left.  You will see us gathering on the right at the Homeless Memorial.
Thank you for joining us. You are welcome to invite your friends. You will be moved.