House the Homeless seeks to educate individuals, organizations, businesses, unions, churches, policy makers, and others about the needs and interests of persons experiencing homelessness as well as provide plausible solutions and shedding light on the many myths about homelessness.

Our Unhoused Neighbors Speak: Annual HtH Surveys

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Homeless Sculpture Project — Artist Statement

By contributing your funds, you are joining our JOURNEY. We offer the following to
 enhance your own ability to educate others, advocate for folks without a home, and 
use art to put a face on our citizens experiencing homelessness to further local and national...

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We have a signed contract!!

12/10/2013- We have a signed contract!!  Timothy P. Schmalz, world renowned artist referred to as “the Michaelangelo of our time,” who recently had his homeless statue blessed by Pope Frances, has agreed to sculpt our concept of The Homecoming.  See his other...

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