House the Homeless Live Oak Tree planted in 1992 as a living memorial to those who died while experiencing homelessness in Austin, Texas.

Livable Incomes

Richard R. Troxell created Universal Living Wage campaign over two decades ago to index minimum wages based on the cost of housing wherever a person works so they can afford basic housing; and he added a solution for those who cannot work; i.e. increase the social security stipend for those who cannot work.

HTH HUGSS Thermals Party

In 1993 our annual thermal give campaign was initiated to provide Winter essentials for those experiencing homelessness with a party, music by Rockin’ Gospel, and a hot meal at First Baptist Austin.

House the Homeless, Inc., founded in 1989, is the oldest, all volunteer, action organization in Texas working to prevent and end homelessness. Our mission is education and advocacy around issues of homelessness. Our goal is prevention and doable solutions, including how to end to economic homelessness here and across the nation. HtH considers all homeless and formerly homeless individuals to be members of this 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation. We strive to ensure that the makeup of our Board of Directors generally not fall below 50% of individuals who were formerly homeless or are currently experiencing homelessness.

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Events & Days of Action

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House the Homeless Pocket Resource Guide — Updates and Distribution 2021!

Created by Richard R. Troxell as a House the Homeless, Inc. project in 1989, the HtH Plastic Pocket Resource Guide is designed to equip persons experiencing homelessness with easily understood information on what, where, when and how resources (food, shelter,...

Statue Marquettes are available in limited numbers.

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Back Story Details

The homeless tell us that they feel invisible The Home Coming is a project to create life-sized bronze sculptures to complement and humanize the Homeless Memorial which has existed in on Auditorium Shores on Lady Bird Lake, Austin, Texas for over two decades. The...

Response to Mayor Adler’s United Efforts to House the Homeless

Response to Mayor Adler’s United Efforts to House the Homeless AAS, “United Effort Needed to House Austin’s Homeless,” ‘this goal can only be reached if the city works aggressively with non-profits and private developers to make more low-income housing available...

Brain Injury Awareness Month and People Outside

Richard R. Troxell, co-founder and President of House the Homeless, wrote an Amicus Brief having to do with fines levied on the homeless. In that document he cited a white paper that he also authored, using as one source the data gathered by the 2016 Traumatic Brain...

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Universal Living Wage: Good for Business

Richard Troxell with ‘House the Homeless’ says businesses wind up harming themselves when they are stingy with their workers pay, they wind up hurting their business, “What we’re suggesting is embrace the living wage, they will empower these minimum wage workers to be...

Speaking Out on the Economic Recovery

House the Homeless president, Richard R. Troxell, lays out a jobs plan to put millions of Americans back to work; jumpstart the construction industry building housing for the newly-employed; stimulate the economy through a surge in consumer spending; delay, reduce,...

The Invisible Class Trailer

Check out Josh Hayes' amazing documentary and be looking for ways to support a showing in your community or with your organization.

HtH News Fall 2020

Board Confirmations/Elections: Co-founder Cecilia Blanford elected as President/Treasurer; Will Hyatt, Chaplain & Vice-President Public Relations; Blythe Plunkett, Secretary. Member-at-Large appointments: Greg Gibson, Kevyn Meagher and JoAnn Koepke. Richard R....